artist statement

I make art to see and process revelation. I make art to bring joy to memories and souls. I make art to hide treasures for others to search out. I make art to reflect the beauty of The Creator.
I find inspiration on the hike and in the meandering drives, in the smells, sounds and feel of the earth, water and sky. I search out and love beauty found in the raw, mismatched and imperfect. I collect feathers, bark, stones, sticks, stems, papers, textures and am drawn like a magnet to anything green; the color symbolizing to me Life and Growth.
I can drown in the details and quite enjoy swimming there, and at the same time I often visualize the end before the beginning, the forest before the trees.  Yet, I allow the process to take me on unplanned excursions and embrace the wonderous mystery of exploration and discovery.  As I create, and when I succeed at letting go of controlling the result, I find I meet up with the larger vision through deliciously unexpected paths.
Every mixed media piece has its own unscripted journey as I begin with inks and spray paints. The art piece tells me what’s next; collage, writing, marks, more inks, more spray paint, acrylic, and the final layer of oil, building the vision texture by texture, layer by layer.
My barn quilts, while more thought out and precise, also contain unexpected joys as I usually add original design elements to the traditional patterns.
When you look at my art, I hope you will find your own treasures, discovering fresh nuances each time you gaze, and I trust those explorations release you to discover the hidden beauties of your own journey, your own story.