Collection: Barn Quilts

Please enjoy this picture gallery of original barn quilts I have completed and sold or placed in stores. If you see a design you like or want to discuss other options, please contact me via the ENGAGE page. 

Generally I produce larger barn quilts (3 ft and up) May – September only

  • BQ6 12"x12" Rose Wood (original design)

  • BQ19 2ftx2ft Dolly Madison + original design

  • BQ17 12"x12" Butterfly Haven

Fiercebird barn quilts are one-of-a-kind every time because each is an original design. I may pull from traditional barn quilt patterns, but most of the time, my barn quilts have original design elements. Some fall under my collection “Mountain Graffiti” where I combine mixed media painting techniques with traditional barn quilt style.

Each original is painted on 5/8 inch thick exterior plywood, each color has between 3-8 layers, and each piece is sealed on all surfaces with water based Varathane Spar Urethane, which resists mold and mildew and seals out water. I am unassisted, which means all the steps are performed by me; I buy, cut and prime the exterior plywood; I design, draw, paint and seal each piece; I provide screws and/or instructions for hanging.

I have produced my barn quilt designs on wood sized 4 inch x 4 inch up to 4 ft x 4 ft. and am happy to discuss any size you have in mind.

Currently, as I am unassisted, I am not yet able to take electronic commissions. If you desire an original fiercebird barn quilt custom order, please contact me via the ENGAGE page and I will contact you.

On occasion I may have completed barn quilts in my personal inventory and if so, they can be purchased via this site under ORIGINALS.

Others may be available from time to time in Virginia stores and establishments, such as DISCOVER DAMASCUS, Damascus VA and THE GAP DELI, Fancy Gap VA.

  • BQ12 Dolly & James Madison

    BQ12 8"x8" Dolly Madison Adaptation

  • BQ-A Fiercebird's Studio

    BQ-A 11"x11" Carpenters Wheel

  • BQ-B Turquoise Compass Blossom

    BQ-B 4"x4" Compass Blossom

  • BQ-C Garden Lily

    BQ-C 2ftx2ft Garden Lily

  • BQ-C Side View

  • BQ14 Gathering Tribe

    BQ14 11"x11" Gathering Friends adaptation (Tribe) + fiercebirdstudio original design

  • BQ14 Side Gathering Friends

  • BQ6 Rose Wood

    BQ6 12"x 12" Wood Cookies- fiercebirdstudio original design

  • BQ10 Sage

    BQ10 4"x4" Wood Cookie in Sage- fiercebirdstudio original design

  • BQ15 Boho Apple Spice

    BQ15 11"x11" Boho Apple Spice + fiercebirdstudio original design

  • BQ15 Side View

  • BQ3 Night Hiker

    BQ3 12"x12" AT Night Hiker- fiercebirdstudio original design

  • BQ5 Mountain View

    BQ5 12"x12" AT Mountain View- fiercebirdstudio original design

  • BQ4 Trail Hippie

    BQ4 12"x12" AT Paisley- fiercebirdstudio original design

  • BQ2 Appalachian Trail

    BQ2 12"x12" AT Wood Cookie White Blaze- fiercebirdstudio original design

  • BQ2 Side View

  • BQ9 Trail Sojourner

    BQ9 4"x4" AT Wood Cookie Blue Blaze - fiercebirdstudio original design

  • BQ8 Trail Love

    BQ8 4"x4" AT Wood Cookie Pink Blaze-fiercebirdstudio original design

  • BQ13 Tranquility

    BQ13 2ftx2ft Double Canoe + fiercebirdstudio original design

  • BQ16 Meadow Grass

    BQ16 12"x12" Gather Around + fiercebirdstudio original design

  • BQ-D Compass Blossom

    BQ-D 4"x4" Compass Blossom

  • BQ17 Butterfly Haven

    BQ17 12"x12" Apple Spice + fiercebirdstudio original design

  • BQ18 Lilac

    BQ18 12"x12" Crossroads + fiercebirdstudio original design

  • BQ19 Dolly Madison in Paisley

    BQ19 2ftx2ft Dolly Madison + fiercebirdstudio original design

  • BQ20 In The Woods

    BQ20 4"x4" wood cookie mixed media-fiercebirdstudio original design

  • BQ21 Black Tie

    BQ21 8"x8" The Gift Adaptation + fiercebirdstudio original design

  • BQ22 "October 2022"

    BQ22 12x12 Maple Leaf Adaptation- fiercebirdstudio original design

  • BQ22d "October 2022"

    BQ22 Maple Leaf Adaptation on diagonal

  • BQ23 "Hearth of the Home"

    BQ23 2ft x 2ft Log Cabin Adaptation-fiercebirdstudio original design

  • Peace Love Hope Joy Christmas Set

    12x12 Country Blossom Adaptation-fiercebirdstudio original design

  • BQ24 Peace Love Hope Joy

    BQ24 in Red 12x12 Country Blossom Adaptation-fiercebirdstudio original design

  • BQ25 Peace Love Hope Joy

    BQ25 in Blue 12x12 Country Blossom Adaptation-fiercebirdstudio original design

  • BQ26 Peace Love Hope Joy

    BQ26 in green 12x12 Country Blossom Adaptation-fiercebirdstudio original design

  • BQ27 Old Glory

    BQ27 2ftx2ft Folded 1776 Old Glory- fiercebirdstudio original design

  • BQ28 Hunter's Journey

    BQ28 8"x8" Hunter's Star Adaptation-fiercebirdstudio original design

  • BQ1 Damascus VA-Appalachian Trail miles

    BQ1 Original design for Damascus VA on the Appalachian Trail. Noting mile marker of Damascus and total miles to end of the AT

  • BQ29-32 Reflections Set

    Set of four 8" x 8". Reflections adaptation-fiercebirdstudio original design

  • BQ29-Reflections- Earth

  • BQ30 Reflections-Water

  • BQ31 Reflections-Wind

  • BQ32 Reflections-Fire

  • BQ33 Cowboy Star

    4 ft x 4 ft Cowboy Star with fiercebirdstudio original border design. This barn quilt can be seen at Blue Ridge Arts Center in Fancy Gap VA