“As a young girl I painted in the dirt, then I painted in the clouds. I discovered paper, then wood would hold my creations. I expressed creativity in song writing. I was not a rule follower. I always wanted to blow down the boundaries.”

“In one day I knew what I had to do and began.”

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"taking the wild path"

i’m always exploring. 

it’s the journey i cherish the most; the freedom to travel, scout out the land and seek truth. 

i set out a course but more often than not, the creative process and the obscure country road send me into an awakening of
transformed sight, smell, taste, and sound i never anticipated. 

should i arrive at any pre-determined destination, it’s only to discover what i had not seen nor expected and i set off again, to pioneer a new exploration.


"eagle nation-arrows of deliverance"

series: clearing the land

visions of eagles descending from heaven with assignments and arrows for "clearing the land" began in 2018...

Original is 36x36 oil mixed media

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